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Using the healthy grocery trend evolution to advance your brand.

Consumers are increasingly driven by nutrition when shopping for food, according to the Food Marketing Institute 2018. The study polled grocery shoppers and showed that they have increased their purchases of fresh foods. That number continues to grow, with 32% of shoppers reporting that they are buying more foods based on nutritional components, compared to the past few years. Consumers have also switched from a preference in Organic to choosing brands that highlight Natural ingredients. Fresh food sales are growing ad double the rate as total food and beverage products.

It is important when choosing a CPG broker to represent your natural brand to realize that the easiest path is not always the best one. Going with a national broker solution can be simpler for your accounting or corporate team but it won't help you increase your sales and distribution in the natural and fresh categories like we can. Don't be a victim of diluted national brokerage services. Make a decision that will give you instant results and help you discover what best in class food brokerage really is.



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