30% of existing store chains will be consolidated by 2025

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Hello CPG peers!

We tracked down Thom Blischok’s 12 supermarket trends for 2018-2025 from the recent Food Management Institute’s ES+D in Atlanta, in case you missed it.

"1. Further consolidation of the grocery market. About 30% percent of existing store chains will be gone by 2025.
2. The larger chains will get larger, and the smaller outlets will become more personalized in their service. “Today, it’s about designing for the experience: the sushi bar, cheese bar, wine bar or cooking school. Shoppers care about experience first, convenience second and price third,” Blischok said.
3. Discount grocers will continue to have regional impact.
4. We’ll see rapid growth in small format stores.
5. There will be increased impact of take-out foods and “food subscriptions.”
6. A battle will be fought over ‘click & collect’ and home delivery. “This will be a real live battleground,” Blischok said.
7. There will be more experimentation with “on-trend” stores.
8. You will see an expl