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ANTAD 2019

What an amazing experience EXPO ANTAD & Alimentaria was for STAR this year!

We are lucky to have such great clients and customers and we got to spend time sitting down with them, listening to their goals for this year. Truly understanding their needs is the key for us to bring them growth, quality relationships and good business.

ANTAD is the mecca for Latin brands and considering Hispanics will account for 20% of the US population in 5 years and the large percentage of Hispanic Brands we represent in the markets we manage, we always look forward to be present there as each year brings new insights to the table.

Some of what we achieved at ANTAD this year was being able to introduce future customers to our friends at top retailers and to start a conversation right then and there. We always build long relationships because we know in this Industry people are always moving from company to company and we always want to have that quality connection that can be of enormous and continuous benefit to both sides. For us, business is personal.

As new technologies and Omni-Channel experiences become a bigger part of the conversation, it was especially interesting to learn how brands big and small are planning on adapting, and one of the coolest things that we found is that the ever expanding Latin market is ripe and ready to welcome all these changes. That is very exciting for us with lots of opportunities ahead!

You can read more about EXPO ANTAD & Alimentaria on their website, and don't forget to follow them on instagram.


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