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Are you on the road to the new world of grocery?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The supermarket is going through major transformational change.

2021: A challenging yet exciting time!

The CPG Industry keeps learning the pandemic lessons on improving product efficiency, covering gaps in distribution, and brand optimization. While manufacturers focus on streamlining product offerings, re-evaluating the number of SKUs and prioritizing core brands, retailers are updating layouts and improving operations to increase shopper's loyalty.

The new "models of shopping" keep adapting to versatile consumers worried about their health, interested in where their food was manufactured, their favorite brands packaged and what their company values are. It is vital for manufacturers to balance quality products and social responsibility with financial success.

The Emphasis on Fresh

Fresh and Perishable foods drive almost 50% of Dollar Growth across the brick-and-mortar landscape.

E-commerce grocery sales catapulted in 2020 and it is now expected to grow 15x faster than brick & mortar over the next 5 years. These new systems call for performance optimization, critical planning and analytical strategies as we move into a hybrid reality between the digital and physical shelf. It is important to partner with brokers who are invested in this space and help build brands and create ROI.


Having a reliable partner that puts your brand front and center, is an expert negotiator, can master the details, improve your bottom line and provide exponential results can definitely bring peace of mind. STAR Brokerage provides a wholesome service of headquarter sales, close customer relationships, retail merchandising services, efficiency in administrative systems, in-house marketing agency and e-com optimization.


Finally, we are seeing more and more local and global events bringing surges in grocery shopping sales that showcase just how essential our work within our frame in society is. Take a look at the most recent and unprecedented Texas Deep Freeze we just experienced. Being prepared, ready to adapt to our new circumstances of life, and having experts to navigate the ship can represent the difference to make your brand visible and stay meaningful.

Want to learn more about what we can do for your brand?

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