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H-E-B JA Golf Tournament August 2021

Hello everyone! Here are some photographs of the Golf Tournament our H-E-B Division attended last week at the beautiful Canyon Springs Golf Center in San Antonio with H-E-B and client partners.

Our H-E-B Division President, Frank V. on the left with Pam K. from H-E-B on the right.

From left to right, Kathleen F. (Vendor), Dave H. (Home Market Foods), Pam K. (H-E-B BDM), Mark H. (Oregon Potato Company) and Frank V. (STAR's H-E-B Division President).

From left to right, Frank V. (STAR's H-E-B Division President), Jason M. (Vital Farms), Nick T. (STAR's Sr. Business Manager) and Jacob N. (Doguet's).

From left to right, Jason M. (Vital Farms) and Paco S. (H-E-B BDM).

Dave H. (Home Market Foods) on the left and Andrew M. (H-E-B BDM) on the right.

These events are always a wonderful opportunity to catch up with customers and to introduce our clients to them, having a good time while making plans on how to always improve the bottom line. 😉



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