Ken Holzheauser didn’t just want to build another food broker business.

After graduating from his studies at the University of Texas, and gaining valuable experience in the industry, he decided he was ready to build a company that would break the mold.  STAR was born then as the go-to-market food and beverage brokerage providing the ultimate service for manufacturers in promoting their brands at retail level. Leading their way to success by increasing their sales through effective and simple solutions.


What started as an entrepreneurial one-man operation suddenly finds itself in the 21st Century stronger than ever, anticipating an everchanging grocery industry, with now four locations covering the southwest US,  and 65+ mission-driven employees committed to the philosophy and core principles that the company was founded under, such as integrity, discipline, perseverance, collaboration, independent thinking, and most importantly, under the values of transparency, creativity, and hard work. 


Ken’s way to predict the fast changing and competitive evolution of grocery, as well as his deep understanding and innovative drive propelled him to create a business model which has raised the standard of food and beverage brokerage in the USA for the last 25 years.


STAR Brokerage founded by Ken Holzheauser

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