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Albertsons appoints Jim Donald as new CEO

Albertsons Cos. has appointed Jim Donald, currently the company’s president and COO, as president and CEO, effective immediately. Miller and Donald are two of grocery retail's preeminent leaders.

"Jim is an exceptional retailer. In the seven months since he joined Albertsons Companies, he's flown tens of thousands of miles and met personally with thousands of employees in hundreds of our stores, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and offices around the country," Miller said. "His expertise in listening to front line employees and customers, facilitating employee engagement and generating sales is unmatched, and there is no better leader for Albertsons Companies at this state in our evolution."

Albertsons Companies, Inc. is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, that serves 34 million customers each week across our 2,300-plus stores and serve 5.5 million patients in our 1,700-plus pharmacies.

Donald's future plans for the top retailer will be an interesting move to follow, specially after the cancellation of the merger between them and Rite Aid.



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