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Amarillo, Texas. August 22, 2019

It has been a very busy and productive couple of months for our West Texas Division. Here's a look at what they have been up to!


- August 22, 2019 Affiliated Foods Inc.

It is absolutely vital for your business to be represented by an aggressive and actively engaged sales team, especially at your customer's trade show. It's an important time to foster those relationships with your customers and demo your products and innovations. Actively selling attractive promotions during these shows can make up 20% of the revenue for the year, so if you are not there with the right folks your competition is getting that business. We train our team to represent your brands as if they were the owners. Making this activity a priority not only makes your retail customers appreciate the support but also creates more leads, more sales revenue, and trade show ROI.

The Affiliated Foods Fall Show is extremely well organized and attended by the right buying folks; it's one of the best-selling trade shows in the region! As mentioned, if you're not here or if you don't have the right representation, your competitor does. Here are some photos of our Affiliated team at the show!