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IDDBA 2024: Our take! 😋

Last week, our team attended the annual IDDBA (International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association) Show, and it was an absolute whirlwind of innovation, connection, and delicious inspiration!

Liz Holzheauser, our CEO.

With record-breaking attendance this year, the show floor was buzzing with industry professionals from all corners of the dairy, deli, and bakery world. 

We were thrilled to connect with existing clients and forge new relationships with potential partners. We enjoyed visiting our client's booths, tasting live product demonstrations, discovering new interactive displays, sparking conversations about the future of the industry.

A Look to the Future

The IDDBA Show was a roaring success. We left feeling energized, inspired, and brimming with new ideas to propel us forward. We're excited to translate the connections and learnings from the show into further solidify our position in the industry. We love connecting brands to grocers!

Alexander Cisneros, Business Manager of our Houston Office with the Badia Team.

A Special Thanks

A huge thank you to all our amazing clients that attended. We truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with such a passionate and innovative community.

Stay tuned for more exciting and innovative developments from STAR!



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