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Some recent Grocery trends update!

Back To School season is in full swing and looking good this year so the traffic from this season seems to be materializing. Unit volume is down but dollar growth continues. Beverages, Prepared Foods and Upper Respiratory each remain as leaders across the store. Let's take a look at the sales highlights of some of the mayor Departments!


Hello babies! Diapering needs and Disposables keep driving gains. Over $12M in US sales volume growth this week.


Department prices continue to rise, and traditional protein sources of Chicken, Pork, Beef are all contributing to the gains. Important to keep an eye to see if the Department can maintain volume levels of last year.


Milk alternatives are growing and holding gains led by Oat Milk. Important to keep an eye how that category keeps growing in the future. Up 100% from 52 Weeks Ago.


With kids going back to school and busy parents, meal combos are up 52.9%. Frozen desserts are slowing down due to the season but still on for past trend figures. Got a short window to push for those popsicle sales!


Despite history suggesting the Super Category will begin to slow as the summer fades, fruit continues to be a bright spot as weekly sales again surpassed the record weeks of 2020.


Neither Super Categories of the department seem to be on page to set records this year. Personal appliances are helping maintain sales.


Dollar volume remains up although unit cost is still soft. Energy and healthy beverages are helping the general beverage growth while soft drinks don't even make the top list.


Upper respiratory growth again drives historic seasonality. Oral Hygiene also is having a good summer as weekly volumes continue to be at record levels.


As news of COVID-19 variants continue, weekly volumes for household cleaners and supply are trending upward again. Still, no one is running to buy bath tissue or paper towels at this point.


Consistent with new healthy trends, Total Wine sales are still up in weekly volumes while beer continues to show larger drops than FMB/Cider.


This department is still a strong contributor to the entire store growth within the last week, and to the mental health of the whole population. 😉



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