Why CPG brokers matter.

CPG brokers can be viewed as agents or talent scouts for the grocery industry. They help brands connect with retailers, negotiate deals and much more. ... Connections: A skilled, established broker has developed and maintains important relationships with leading grocery retailers and smaller specialty stores. Here are some pros of when choosing to work with a food and CPG brokers.

1) Brokers allow you to focus on other aspects of your business

Running a business is a full-time job, and expanding a business can be overwhelming for many manufacturers. Both production and selling are significant factors of running a business and require equal attention. Hiring a broker to take care of sales allows business owners to focus their time elsewhere.

Brokers can also act as business advisors. They have a close working relationship with stores and can provide valuable feedback from retailers and customers, including how products are selling, the reaction of consumers to new and existing items, and current market trends, both locally and nationally. Utilizing this information can help you fine-tune aspects of your business that might not be working, and expand the elements that are.

2) Brokers are more cost-effective than hiring a sales team